Being Fearless

Hey Y’all! It’s My BIRTHDAY!

When I think about how much time I spent letting fear of what people think of me hold me back from living my life I could kick myself…hard! I allowed fear to rule my life way too long. Fear of what I would look like if I wore that color or that print or those pants. Fear of people laughing at me over my looks, my hair, you name it I thought about it got scared and decided I can’t wear that or do that because what will they think of me. They?! Who are they anyway? They are small minded petty people who get enjoyment out of making your life miserable because they are miserable. We spend way too much time letting fear rule our lives when the only fear we should have is the reverent fear of God the creator of heaven and earth. I decided that this is what I wanted to talk about in this blog after hearing the new song Fear Is a Liarby christian artist Zach Williams and the line in the song that really hit home for me was “fear he is a liar, he will take your breath, stop you in your steps” fear does all this and so much more. Fear will cause you to miss out on some of the greatest opportunities, great relationships, and the worst of all it will stop you from living . Fear robs us of so much! As I celebrate my 47th year on this earth the one thing I really celebrate is that I let go of all those fears that I allowed to rule my life. I’ve squashed those negative voices that were so loud in my head for a lot of my life. I’ve decided to be fearless in my approach to fashion. I now take those fashion risks.

Dress from Stitch Fix, Shoes from Eloquii Photos by Wykala Moore

Leggings and Clutch from Dia & Co, Blouse from Stitch Fix, Duster from Lane Bryant, Shoes from Payless,

This is not to say I never have moments of doubt or that those fears have gone completely away I would be lying. What I am saying is that when those fears and doubts, the negative thoughts raises their ugly head I’ve learned to combat them with all the positives in my life. I look in the mirror I see a beautiful and confidant woman who God loves. I am precious in His sight and I don’t have to be a certain size to earn the Father’s love. He has blessed me with a wonderful family, an awesome church family (shout out to AHOD), a really awesome Pastor and Assistant Pastor who has encouraged and supported me in the new phase of my life. It’s all because of Jesus who has made me fearless.

As I celebrate my birthday I encourage you today to conquer whatever that fear is that is holding you back. Wear that dress in that color, print, or pattern that you always wanted to wear but didn’t because someone said “it’s cute but it’s really not you” or “it would look good on you if you lost ____lbs.” Love yourself now.

As the great Rosalind Russell said in the movie Auntie Mame “life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!” So Be Fearless!

Dress from Ashley Stewart (sold out) Photo by Wykala Moore

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