Wednesday Reads-Mrs. Santa and the Evil Elves by Liz Ireland Review

Happy Wednesday Book Lovers! I just finished reading the third book in Liz Ireland’s delightful Mrs. Claus mystery series and all I can say is every book keeps getting better. I give this book a huge 5 STARS!

In this third book April Claus is excited to have her best friend Claire visiting her in Santaland which is also her way of revealing that she is actually married to Santa Claus and her whole new life during Christmas Week but all it is not well in Santaland. The reindeer have gone on strike because of the drone reindeer that have started popping up everywhere and her husband Nick aka Santa Claus is trying to do all he can to end the strike before Christmas gets cancelled. Then a drone reindeer takes out the ice sculpture of Blitzen the First with an ominous message attached to it THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING!

April was hoping to show Claire how wonderful Santaland is but it looks like someone has other plans. Then there is the murder or should I say elficide of Virgil which happen halfway through the book and her best elf friend Juniper is arrested for his murder. Now April has putting on her sleuthing cap to find out who framed her best friend for murder.

I found this book so much fun to read and found it so hard to put it down which made for plenty of late night reading. From the first sentence “Note to self: Elf clogging should never be the main event” to the very last sentence. Because the murder or elficide happened so late in the book I didn’t think there was going to be one and that it would be all about the chaos and havoc that is being created. At times there were way too many subplots going on with the reindeer strike, snowmen on souped up boards called snowmanuvers, a missing elf, a budding romance between Claire and Jake Frost, and a few more subplots that at times distracted me from the actual murder.

Due to all the subplots there were plenty (plenty) of red herrings and even with this I was able to guess who the killer was at least I was 1/2 right. The one thing I did miss from this book were the text messages from April’s nemesis back in Cloudberry Bay.

This series is worth your time especially if you’re looking for something fun and light hearted to read then the Mrs. Claus series is the perfect series for you!

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