You Can’t Wear That! Polka Dots

Hey Y’all! I am attempting to do a series over the next few weeks called You Can’t Wear That! I will be taking on outdated fashion rules that we as plus size women have been expected to follow. I hope you’ll join me and that it will encourage you to break those rules.

When I was in high school Oprah Winfrey came to the Research Triangle Area for a contest between Raleigh and Durham to see which city lost the most weight. I can’t remember who won now but the one that thing that I do remember from that episode was the lady on the show who had lost a lot of weight and they were showing her before picture and she was wearing a polka dot dress and I remember Oprah saying “I can’t believe you wore a polka dot dress!” After that episode I wouldn’t even consider polka dots. Of all the fashion rules that are out there for us plus size girls I think the biggest no no in the eyes of many is plus size women shouldn’t wear polka dots. Why? It makes you look bigger is what I’ve heard for years. Polka dots are a huge trend that does not seem to be going anywhere. I’ve seen polka dots of all sizes and color. Two years ago I was in Dress Barn and a beautiful dress caught my eye but it had polka dots and I immediately said no but then I decided why not try it on because I really loved the dress. Best thing I ever did! I ended up walking out of the store with that dress (thank you Mommy) and I wear it as often as I can.

Dress from Dress Barn (old) Shoes from JustFab (old)

After gingham polka dots would have to be my second love. This year I have really fallen in love with polka dots and the bigger the dot the happier I am. When I saw this dress in my local Lane Bryant I knew it was mine and indeed I bought the dress.

As for the fashion rule that plus size women shouldn’t wear polka dots because it makes us look bigger I say oh please. Polka dots are fun and playful but they can also be very chic and stylish. Instead of doing a total head to toe look (the polka dot heels are for another time another outfit) I decided to pair my red heels (old) and this cute red tote to complete my look. I’m still a novice with jewelry so I’ve kept it simple with this cute silver necklace. My advice to you would be to choose the dot that works for you and your style aesthetic.

Ruffle Off the Shoulder Maxi Dress from Lane Bryant (here) Purse from Amazon (here) Shoes (gift)

There is a polka dot out there for everyBODY! If you are nervous about wearing full on polka dots incorporate them in your look with a cute bag and shoes or try a skirt or scarf but don’t dismiss this print altogether give it a try.

Remember Be Bold, Be Fearless, Be Confident!

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