My Favorite Cozy Mystery of 2021 — Part 4 (The Finale)

Happy New Year’s Eve Southernistas! I hope, those who celebrate Christmas, had a wonderful Christmas spent celebrating the birth of Jesus, enjoying family, and opening presents! I hope you got what you wanted and for my book lovers I hope you got that book you’ve been wanting or a gift card to your local independent bookstore or Barnes & Nobles.

Well here we are…the FINALE! After three post of my favorite cozy mysteries that I read this year out of all the cozies I read in 2021. I really hope y’all have enjoyed the unofficial countdown and that some of these will make on to your TBR or have peaked your curiosity and you decide to read one of these cozies. Here’s to reading and discovering even more new and old cozy mysteries in 2022.

Having said all that here is my choice for the top cozy mystery of 2021 (drumroll please)

You can purchase this book from your local independent bookstore, Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Good Reads, and where ever books are sold. I have linked the author’s website.

Mrs. Claus and the Santaland Murders (A Mrs. Claus Mystery) by Liz Ireland

This new series by Liz Ireland was in my humble opinion the best of the best when it comes to cozy mystery. I laughed all through the book and was so sad when I finished reading the book and immediately pre-ordered Mrs. Claus and the Halloween Homicide and devoured that book also. I am now anxiously awaiting the third book in this series and so is my mother. In this series April Claus is a newlywed to her husband Nick who is in his first year as Santa after the tragic death of his older brother. She is trying to find her place and fulfill the her duties as the new Mrs. Claus which in the eyes of her mother in low the Dowager Mrs. Claus she is falling short. On top of everything else Giblet Hollyberry has been is killed and all the clues point to Santa himself as the murderer. April knows this can’t be true! While the family doesn’t seem as concerned by this as they should especially her husband and her doubts about Constable Crinkles and Office Jolly’s policing abilities April has decided that it is up to her to find out who killed Giblet before Nick is arrested and Christmas is cancelled.

Of all the cozies I’ve read this year this has been the series I have talked about non-stop. I mean a cozy mystery that takes place in Santaland? GENIUS! Liz Ireland’s does a marvelous job of world building and you would think after all the portrayals of the North Pole in various Christmas stories over the years that would nothing could be added or said but you would be wrong. Her characters are wonderful and I like that the Claus family are portrayed as a normal family with the same issues many families have as well as how out of touch they seem to be. I could go on and on about how great this series is and I can’t wait to see what is next for April Claus and Santaland.

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