Good-bye 2021…Hello 2022!

Happy New Year Southernistas! Well God has blessed us to say goodbye to 2021 and hello to 2022! I don’t know about y’all but I honestly thought we would be leaving COVID behind in 2021 but it looks like another relative of COVID has decided to come with us into 2022. I am not one for making resolutions because lets face it before the 1st week of 2022 is over I’ve broken the resolutions. What I do like to do is keep moving forward and improving Regina. I want to draw closer to God, family, and friends. I want to always be a better version of myself and of course step out of my comfort zones and have new experiences whatever they may be.

I know for some of my friends 2021 was a year of change and loss but I have seen them grow stronger through every change. It is my prayer that we all go into this new year with hope and to have a impact on our fellow man. To be a little kinder, more respectful, and hopefully more loving towards each other.

So here’s to 2022 and all the experiences (good & bad), adventures, new relationship weather it be romantic or otherwise, and fabulous style and fashion!


Dress — Lane BryantShoes — Just FabThe Southernista

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