December Means…12 Days of Cozies!!!

Hi Southernistas! Now I know you’re thinking wait didn’t she just post a blog? Yes I did but that one was about fashion this is about my other favorite thing to do and that is READ! My favorite genre is mystery and within that genre I love cozy mysteries. What is a cozy mystery you may ask? The best definition I can give is: a cozy mystery is a mystery that usually takes place in a small town with an amateur sleuth trying to solve a murder mystery with no over the top violence, profanity or sex. Think Jessica Fletcher and of course the queen of the cozy mystery Dame Agatha Christie.

Having said all of that I want to introduce y’all to the Cozy Mystery Book Club (also the IG and Twitter handle) which is the creation of the wonderful Angela Maria Hart whose IG is @writerathart. Angela has created a wonderful community across all social media platforms except Tik Tok but it could be coming. Every month we vote on the book we want to read for the next month on Twitter and at the end of the month we discuss that book on the book clubs YouTube channel Books Are My Hart (like & subscribe). There are so many of other goodies that happen every month but I want to talk about what happens every December!

Every December cozy mystery lovers look forward to the 12 Days of Cozies! It is cozy mysteries on crack! Angela pours her heart and soul into making 12 Days a success and the fact that our favorite authors not only give books to be won in giveaways but they give their time. Every day of the 12 days we get to talk to authors on Instagram and Twitter plus there are readings done on Twitter as well as Q&As. I love the Instagram challenges that are so much fun. I missed participating last year chiefly because I didn’t know anything about this awesome event until after it was over but this year I am prepared.

If you are an avid cozy mystery reader like I am check out the website: and there is a section all about the 12 Days of Cozies with a complete list of all the authors and each day the author will be on IG and Twitter, the challenges, the blogs and coloring pages! This month there will not be a book club discussion at the end of the month but there is a buddy read going on and the book is In Peppermint Peril by Joy Avon.

If you’re looking for a new book series to read or are curious about cozy mysteries this is a great time to discover a new favorite author!

Until next time Southernistas!

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