All About Denim Skirts

Hey Southernistas I hope y’all are doing great and that your weekend has been great. I hope you’re recharged, refreshed, renewed, and ready to start another work week. I know after the amazing worship services I went to today I am definitely ready for the week.

So my original post for this blog has been postponed because although it is officially fall summer still lingers in the Tarheel State so I’m saving that post for cooler weather. I admire southern bloggers who do fall looks in the heat but at the moment I can’t contend with the weather and hot flashes. Since my original post has been postponed I was stuck and had no idea what to write about and then I got a bolt of inspiration and decided to talk about my love of denim skirts. If you follow me on Instagram (@reginaswilliamsgmail) then you will notice that I don’t really wear jeans with the exception of one pair of pink denim capris I have. Reason being that I don’t fine jeans particularly comfortable and for me they are just hot but I do like denim so my solution to jeans are denim skirts. Now I’ve heard people say they can’t find a good denim skirt or a denim skirt at all and I am always surprised when I hear that because I own several denim skirts and I’ve never had a problem finding a great denim skirt. Just like finding a great pair of jeans you have to look and try on to find your denim skirt. Denim skirts,like jeans, come in different lengths,washes, fabrics, and weights. You can dress a denim skirt up or down and they are a great alternative to jeans if you feel like wearing denim but you don’t want to wear jeans. This year I found the perfect denim skirts from Simply Be that fit like a glove. They have tons of stretch so I would suggest you size down and they come in black, light, and dark denim. I literally cannot say enough about these skirts from Simply Be.

Simply Be Pull On Stretch Tube Skirt, Top from Eloquii (old) Shoes from Payless (old)

Simply Be Pull On Stretch Skirt (Indigo), Top from Stitch Fix

Simply Be Pull On Stretch Denim Skirt (black), Top from Simply Be (sold out) Shoes from Payless

Below are more links to denim skirts. Until next time Southernistas remember Be Bold, Be Fearless, Be Confident!

Denim Pencil Skirt Simply Be

Chloe Stretch Coated Denim Pencil Skirt Simply Be

Deconstructed Maxi Skirt Simply Be

Chic Denim Skirt J Skirt

Denim Wrap Skirt GS Love

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