Shoe Diary: Stylish Flats

Hey Y’all!

If you haven’t discovered by now that I love heels and I love high heels but I’ve also come to realize how stylish flats can be also. This doesn’t mean I’ve given up my heels or plan to give them anytime soon but I’ve come to realize that flats are great too and they are practical for running errands and having on hand to change into when you’re at an event and you start to feel the effects of wearing those heels for a few hours. I’ve started to incorporate more flats into my shoe wardrobe. I know that many of my Southernistas out there can’t wear heels or want wear heels and that’s okay. For some heels are uncomfortable and not worth the trouble and for others heels are not an option because of medical conditions or other issues but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear stylish flats. A stylish pair of flats can make the outfit just as fabulous as those stilettos! Below I’ve selected a few of my favorite flats that will complete any look and give that Instagram pic a wow factor!

Nine West Oxfords (here)

Velvet Flats from Modcloth (here)

Eloquii Silver Flats (here)

Until next time Be Bold, Be Fearless, Be Confident!

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