You Can’t Wear That! Stripes

You Can’t Wear That! Stripes

Hey Y’all!

The one thing I always here when it comes to plus size women wearing any stripes is that they make us look fat. Since no one wants to look fat, except we’re already fat, we as plus size women avoid stripes like they are a deadly and contagious disease! Here’s the thing stripes are for everyBODY! Several Mother Days ago my Mother and daughter’s gift to me was a sleeveless dress with stripes. When I first saw the dress all I felt was dread because again it was sleeveless, stripes, and it was graphic stripes to top it off. I loved the color and I could always wear a shrug to cover my arms but what could do about the stripes? I tried not to let the fear show on my face as I looked at the dress and I knew I was going to wear it because I could never hurt my Mom’s or daughter’s feelings (I’m not a monster) so I took a deep breath and put the dress on but the problem was I couldn’t see how good I looked in the dress because I kept thinking I look fat in these stripes. Then I walked into work and all I heard was how great I looked. The sincere compliments flowed all day and not once did I hear those stripes make you look fat. I still have that dress and I still get nothing but compliments when I wear the dress.

My Mother’s Day Gift

Since then I’ve bought several outfits with every size of stripe and I wear them with confidence which is the key to wearing any outfit. If you’re still wary about wearing stripes think about wearing a skirt or a top or accessorize.

Trumpet Maxi Skirt from Eloquii (old) Shirt from Eloquii (old) Faux Fur from Full Beauty

I love this wrap dress from Eloquii because the stripes are broken up on the dress.

Wrap dress from Eloquii (old) Shoes from Nine West (old) Bag from Cato Fashion (old)

There is a stripe out there for you. There are dresses that have one type of stripe at the top and different strip on the bottom so you can draw attention to or from whatever area you like or don’t like. This really cute dress from Ellos which has horizontal stripes at the top and chevron stripe at the bottom which I love draws the eye down.

Dress from Ellos (here)

I recently purchased this really cute dress from the Draper James collection for Eloquii which has a thin pin stripe.

Draper James for Eloquii Strip Wrap Dress (here) Shoes from DSW (no longer available) Purse from Amazon

Until next time remember Be Bold, Be Fearless, Be Confident!

Here are some other beautiful options here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here

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