Breaking the Rules

Happy Sunday y’all! Well it’s the first official weekend of Summer! Welcome Summer

As a plus size woman the one thing I’ve learned is that there are a lot of fashion don’ts for plus size women. Don’t wear floral anything, no stripes, no polka dots, no crop tops, no color, in fact just wear black it’ll make you slimmer. I was a faithful follower of these fashion rules because I wanted to look skinny so it was monochrome only and I also wore big shapeless shirts and dresses because I was trying to hide my fat. Since I started my fashion journey two years ago (wow 2 years!?)the one thing I’ve learned is that rules are made to be broken. I started following plus size bloggers like The Real Sample Size (www.therealsamplesize), Lisa of the blog, just to name a few and these women are a size 22/24 and their fashion is fierce! I remember when my Mother & daughter gave me a dress a few years for Mother’s day and I really didn’t want to wear it because it was a bold stripe print and all I could hear in my head was “it’ll make you look fatter you shouldn’t wear stripes” but I wore it and it’s still in my closet and every time I wear it I get nothing but compliments.

Print Maxi Dress (Mother’s Day gift)

Don’t let these so called fashion rules stop you from wearing what you like and love. Before you rule out a dress, shirt, pants, etc because it goes against the “fashion rules” try it on and see how it looks on you. You will be surprised I know that I have been blown away by pieces that I didn’t think would look good on me how good they actually look on me and how it makes me feel.

Wrap Dress w/tie Shoulders (no longer available)

The only fashion rules that should exist are your fashion rules. You know what works for you better than someone who has never met you. If you’re not sure take a trusted friend along to help or if you can afford it meet with a stylist who specializes in plus size styling to help you find what works for you. Above everything break those fashion rules and wear what makes you feel beautiful, fearless, bold, and confident!

Eloquii Kimono Wrap Dress (no longer available)

Shirt & Trumpet Maxi Skirt from Eloquii

Until next time be bold, be fearless, be confident!

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