My #1 Cheerleader

My Beautiful Mom

My Mom is amazing and she is my #1 cheerleader. Without my Mother in my corner pushing me and cheering me on there wouldn’t be a blog. I honestly don’t know what would have become of me and my daughter. When I became pregnant with my daughter at a very young age my Mom and Grandmother rallied around me even though they were disappointed in me they never condemned or judged. She encouraged me to stay in school and go to college and she raised my daughter while I was away at college. She worked two jobs to put me through school and she was always a phone call and 1 hour ride away. I can’t remember a time in my life when she wasn’t in my corner cheering me on. She called me out when I was wrong and she did it with love.

When I talked to her about starting a blog she asked questions but she never tried to discourage me but listened as I listed all my fears. Then she went out a bought me a laptop so I could pursue this dream of being a blogger. She has taught me what a great Mom is and what it is to be a woman of God. My Mother was always pushing me in my fashion choices and whenever she would buy me something it would always be something I would never have bought for myself. As you can see from her pictures being stylist and fashionable runs in the family. After all this is the woman who got married in a blue wedding dress!

She has lived out her faith before me and my siblings. She has and continues to pray for her family everyday.

Mama taught me that it is better to give then to receive and that you don’t have to broadcast it but do it. If I ever get married (she’s praying for that day)I’ll know how to be a good wife because she lead by example.

I could go on and on about my Mother but I’ll end by saying celebrate your Mom if she is still with you. I know Mother’s day is tomorrow so do something extra special for your Mother but make sure you celebrate your mom everyday because she is worth it!

Happy Mother’s Day y’all!

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