When I look at this picture it makes me sad because I see someone who was sad and depressed, and my…

Dress from Dia & Co, Shoes from Payless Shoe Source, Scarf from Amazon.com

Dress from Stitch Fix

Dress from Ashley Stewart (No Longer Available) Shoes from Payless

When I look at this picture it makes me sad because I see someone who was sad and depressed, and my fashion reflected that I had given up on me. I had bought into the myth that if I wasn’t a certain size I couldn’t be stylish. So, my uniform became big and boxy and as you can see big and boxy doesn’t do anything for me or for anybody for that matter! I had given into all the negative thoughts and let my past control my present. I believed that I was fat and ugly, I believed that I wasn’t worthy of beautiful fashion until I lost weight, I believed that I had to accept whatever was given to me to wear, I believed that nothing looked good on me period! Then December 29, 2013 happened I woke up that morning sobbing my heart out, feeling like an utter and complete failure, depressed and convinced that if I died no one would miss me. That day marked the beginning of my journey of discovering who I am. I cried out to God and he heard my prayer and I entered 2014 determined to make some changes in my life.

I rededicated my life to Jesus and began the journey of getting to know who Regina is. I can’t tell you how important it is to have cheerleaders in your life. My mom, daughter, my best friend of over 30 years, and my church have been my biggest cheerleaders. I made peace with my past and stopped listening to the negative voices in my head. I stopped just going to websites such as Eloquii, Igigi, and other plus size retailers and looking and wishing I could wear that because the fact was that I could wear these clothes these companies existed for me. I started following plus size bloggers and it boosted my confidence to see other size 22/24 and up women rocking fierce fashion and it made me realize that fashion is not a number on a scale or a tag in my clothes, but fashion is about who you are and how you want to express yourself.

I burned the fashion rule book for plus size women and began to develop my own rules and learned that my style is very feminine and modest. I discovered a love of florals and bold prints and patterns. I’ve always loved bold color and I’m slowly incorporating color into my wardrobe. I’m discovering that I am so much more than society says I am and I have never been happier. The first 3 years of this journey was allowing God to bring me from my broken place to a place of wholeness. He put me back together again and put a smile in my heart. The last two years have been a fashion odyssey. It is my prayer through this blog that you will join me on this journey and that it will inspire you to break free of negative thinking, your past, break out of your style rut and burn your fashion rule book too!

Until next time be blessed, fashionable, and beautiful!

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